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Updated Calculation for Effie Effectiveness Index

Revised ranking method developed to further spotlight quality and marketing effectiveness

The Effie Index identifies and ranks the marketing industry's most effective marketers, agencies and brands -globally, regionally and locally, as well as within industry sectors - by analyzing winner and finalist data from 50+ Effie Awards competitions worldwide.

Ten years after its inception, Effie Worldwide has evolved the Effie Index calculation method from a linear to exponential scale in order to further recognize the most effective marketers each year. 

Winning an Effie is a significant achievement, and the refreshed Index model is designed to shine an even brighter light on the case studies that excelled at the highest level.  In recognition of collaboration and in support of teamwork across companies, the weighting between Lead and Contributing companies remains the same across the previous and new Index calculation method.

The evolution is the outcome of ongoing consultation with marketers spanning disciplines across the industry, as well as the organizers of local Effie programs around the world on behalf of their networks who have provided their expert opinion and independent guidance to ensure the local Effie Ranking and the Effie Index remain relevant and representative of our global industry.

The Index provides an insightful glimpse into who is delivering Ideas that Work across the globe and acts as a benchmark for excellence in marketing effectiveness, allowing marketers to compare their performance with that of their peers.

The 2021 Effie Index, which includes all the finalists and winners awarded across national and regional 2021 Effie Awards programs, will be announced in Spring / Summer 2022 to allow for the achievements of all local Effie programs with delayed schedules due to the pandemic to be recognized.

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